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GymGear Rhino Series, G4 Strength System

GymGear Rhino Series, G4 Strength System

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Rhino Series, G4 Strength Machine

The Rhino Series G4 Strength System is everything you will ever need from one machine.

• Cable Crossover / Dual Adjustable Pulley
• Smith Machine (Counter Balanced)
• Power Rack
• Multi-Grip Chin up Bar
• Dipping Arms / Station
• Land Mine Core Trainer
• Foot Plate
• Inverted Foot Plate

The Rhino Series G4 is ideal for any fully commercial establishments whereby space is a premium through to PT Studios and also high-end home gyms.

Perfect for a wide variety of users as the Rhino Series G4 can be used to perform over 100’s of different exercises to ensure a full-body workout tailored to the user’s individual preferences.

  • Cable Crossover / Dual Adjustable Pulley

One of the most popular features of the Rhino Series G4 is the cable crossover system. With 2 x separate 70kg weight stacks and a 1:1 cable ratio, it offers plenty of resistance. The high-quality aircraft grade cables can withstand a maximum load of 909kg for extra peace of mind. Amongst the variety of included cable attachments is a Lat Pulldown bar and knee support attachment which allows you to use the cables to effectively perform a Lat Pulldown exercise.

  • Smith Machine

The Smith Machine is very safe as it features a simple to use lock/release mechanism for the spotter catches to dictate the lowest point of the loaded smith machine bar to prevent accidents when used correctly and therefore avoids the need for a spotter/training partner.

Key Point – The Smith Machine is only compatible with Olympic weights plates. 

  • Power Rack

Strong and sturdy, the power rack can support a maximum weight of 450kg. This allows you to push yourself to your limits on big compound movements such as squats, overhead press, bench press and many more. In addition, the J-hooks and spotting arms are coated in a Polymer layer to protect the knurling of your barbells.

Key Point – The Olympic Bar and Olympic Weights Plates are sold separately.

  • Multi-Grip Chin Up Station

Built into the top support bar of the frame is a multi-grip chin-up bar that offers a range of different pull-up grips.

  • Dip Station

The dip attachment arms x 2 offer dual grips handles to assist when performing the dip exercise. This is another great upper body exercise to target the chest, triceps, shoulders and core.

  • Core Trainer/ Landmine

A popular attachment as included with the Rhino Series G4 is the core trainer or also known as a landmine attachment. With the use of an Olympic Bar and Olympic Weight Plates (Sold separately), this attachment will enable you to perform a number of rotational torso exercises as well as upper and lower body exercises. In addition, a T-Bar row attachment is supplied as standard with the Rhino Series G4 which fits onto the end of the Olympic bar allowing you to perform a number of rowing exercises.

  • Additional Features

Vertical Olympic Bar Storage Holder located at the rear of the machine to keep the strength system neat and tidy when the Power Rack is not in use.

Included in the box:

• Dipping Handles (Multi-Grip) x 2

• Lat Pulldown Cable Attachment

• Lat Pulldown Knee Support

• Core Trainer / Landmine Attachment

• T Bar Handle for Core Trainer / Landmine Attachment

• Safety Spotting Arms x 2

• J-Hooks x 2

• 6 x Olympic Weight Plate Storage Horns

• Canvas Stirrup Handles x 2 Cable Attachments

• Vertical Olympic Bar Storage Bracket

• Double Ended 1m Connect Bar for Cable Crossover Sides

• Double Tricep Rope Cable Attachment

• 50cm Bar Cable Attachment

• Olympic Clamp Collars 

Size & Spec
  • Product Weight: 450kg
  • Assembled Size: W 210 x D 196 x H 222.5 cm
  • Adjustments: Adjustable Pulleys, Safety Spotter Arms, J-Hooks.
  • Weight Stack: 2 x 70kg separate weight stacks (140kg total)
  • Loading Capacity: 250kg on both the Smith Machine and Power Rack
  • Tubing: Heavy Duty 3mm rolled steel tubing