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Primal Strength Commercial Linear 45 Degree Leg Press  Matte Nero

Primal Strength Commercial Linear 45 Degree Leg Press Matte Nero

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The Primal Strength Commercial Linear Leg Press provides users with a heavy duty, multi-angle leg press machine, with 4, extended weight-pin holders for maximum pressing weight. The back pad on the leg press has been engineered to provide a full range of seating angles to help isolate and develop user's leg muscles. The unique leg press design can be used lying, almost horizontally, for an extended range, or seated at a range of upright angles, for a more traditional 45 Degree leg press motion.

Leg Pressing is a core leg exercise and maximises the use of glutes, hamstrings and quads whilst putting the body in an ergonomically, natural and safe pressing motion. The oversized, angled foot plate of this machine allows users to press their maximum weight without having as much pressure on their lower back whilst allowing users to place their feet in multiple positions to train their legs from different angles and targeting different muscle groups. It's modern, user-friendly design easily allows users to comfortably perform (and move between) single leg or dual leg presses, whilst the non-slip brushed steel foot plates ensure user safety even when pressing a heavy load.

The ISO leg press is one of 20 Primal Strength ISO Machines and the range is perfect for any sports facility or commercial gym. It comes in Matte Nero with premium rip-resistant pads.


  • ISO Plate Loaded Leg Extension
  • Olympic Size 50mm Bullhorn
  • Adjustable Back Rest
  • Oversized Pads


Brand Primal Strength
Usage Home Use, Commercial Use
Condition Brand New
Warranty 12 Month Warranty