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Precor Discovery Series Selectorised Rotary Torso

Precor Discovery Series Selectorised Rotary Torso

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A unique ratcheting system on the Discovery Series Selectorized Line Rotary Torso easily adjusts the start position so users can move efficiently into their workout.

Arm, seat and back pad position secures the user and maximises oblique muscle engagement.

General Features

Unique ratcheting system easily adjusts the start position. Arm, seat and back pad position secures the user and maximises oblique muscle engagement. Weight Stack 73 kg (160 lbs).

Instructional placard

Easy to understand exercise placards feature large set-up and start and finish position diagrams that are visibly easy to identify.


Ratcheting seat adjustments require only a lift to release the lever. Handles include slip-resistant rubber sleeves with machined alloy end-caps. Adjustment points are highlighted with a contrasting colour for ease of use.

Frame and Finish

The frame is 11 gauge (0.3 cm; 0.120 in) 2x10 cm (2x4 in) electroweld steel racetrack tubing. Movement arms are made of electroweld steel round tubing. The abrasive grit pre-finish is followed by an electrostatically applied, heat-cured powder coat.


Premium-quality 3D urethane moulded-foam padding for maximum comfort. Fabric meets or exceeds California fire regulations (Bulletin 117, section E). Automotive-grade, two-textured fabric features double topstitching on all seams.

Pulleys and Cables

Glass-fibre reinforced nylon pulleys for durability, with precision motor grade ball bearing pulleys. All cables consist of 7 x 19-strand aircraft cable coated with black pressure-extruded nylon (either 3/16-inch cable coated to 1/4 inch or 1/8-inch cable coated to 3/16 inch). The cables conform to specification MIL-W-83420D-BARE cable only. When used, redirection pulleys route cables close to frame to minimise chance of external interference.

Bearings and Pivot Points

Oversized, linear, re-circulating ball bearings run on case-hardened shafts, and are sealed and self aligning. Pivot points and joints feature motor-grade sealed ball bearings, or sleeve bearings, utilising either oil-impregnated bronze bushings or pre-lubricated nylon bushings. Bolts are grade 5 or above in all applications.

Water Bottle and Accessories Holder

The drink and accessory holder features a large open, even surfaced area which is easily accessible and easy to keep clean.

Precor Discovery Series Selectorized Line

Advanced Movement Design

Your exercisers will experience greater strength through Advanced
Movement Design , exclusive to the Discovery Series Selectorized Line.

This progressive platform challenges the body in a way that engages more
muscles to functionally develop strength and stabilises movement patterns..

Exercisers will experience better results as they work their muscles through
a greater, more natural range of motion.

Key features of the Advanced Movement Design within the Discovery Series
Selectorized Line include:.

  • Progressive Platform - Natural step for exercisers as they build upon their
    strength routine with added variety and enhanced core stabilization.

  • Natural Movement - The converging/diverging axis allows exercisers to
    move in a more natural movement pattern to provide greater range of
    motion and muscle recruitment.

  • Ergonomic Design - Angled movement arms, ellipse-shaped handle grips,
    and an improved pulley system design ensures exercisers experience a
    smoother, more natural and fluid motion.

  • More Effective Workouts - Independent movement arms demand greater
    balance and core muscle engagement from your exercisers.


Brand Precor
Usage Home Use, Commercial Use
Condition Brand New
Warranty 10 years structural frame parts and weldments, 5 years structural moving parts, weight stack plates and components, bearings, bushings, pulleys, and seat adjustments