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Precor Discovery Series Selectorised Abdominal

Precor Discovery Series Selectorised Abdominal

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Educational Video Links

Large, easy to see, text free illustrations demonstrate correct form and muscle usage at a glance,while QR codes provide smart phone links to instructional videos.

Instructional Placards

Improve every workout with easy-to understand, large text-free illustrations that demonstrate correct form at a glance.

Users will love the QR codes and URL that provide smart phone links to helpful 30-second instructional videos.


Exercisers will be more comfortable thanks to the premium pads and upholstery-and you will appreciate the enhanced performance of more durable materials.

Easy to Get Started Adjustments

Start position and roller pads adjust for sound biomechanics.

Spring- assisted back pad that adjusts easily from the seated position.

Weight Tower, Shroud and Weight Stack

The open and inviting design allows users to easily access the weight stack selector pin and add-on weight lever. Users can easily engage the 5 lbs / 2.3 kg add-on weight with a simple flip of a lever to increase the work load.

Precor Discovery Series Selectorized Line

Advanced Movement Design

Your exercisers will experience greater strength through Advanced
Movement Design , exclusive to the Discovery Series Selectorized Line.

This progressive platform challenges the body in a way that engages more
muscles to functionally develop strength and stabilises movement patterns..

Exercisers will experience better results as they work their muscles through
a greater, more natural range of motion.

Key features of the Advanced Movement Design within the Discovery Series
Selectorized Line include:.

  • Progressive Platform - Natural step for exercisers as they build upon their
    strength routine with added variety and enhanced core stabilization.

  • Natural Movement - The converging/diverging axis allows exercisers to
    move in a more natural movement pattern to provide greater range of
    motion and muscle recruitment.

  • Ergonomic Design - Angled movement arms, ellipse-shaped handle grips,
    and an improved pulley system design ensures exercisers experience a
    smoother, more natural and fluid motion.

  • More Effective Workouts - Independent movement arms demand greater
    balance and core muscle engagement from your exercisers.


Brand Precor
Usage Home Use, Commercial Use
Condition Brand New
Warranty 10 years structural frame parts and weldments, 5 years structural moving parts, weight stack plates and components, bearings, bushings, pulleys, and seat adjustments