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Jordan Tornado Ball (2kg)

Jordan Tornado Ball (2kg)

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The ultimate core training workout. Jordan Tornado Balls are tough, long lasting and provide a challenging workout - great for both power and core stability training.

Available in 2, 3, 4 and 5kg sizes

The tornado ball is a medicine ball on a rope, and as the name suggests will give you devastating rotational power, normally only seen in tropical storms! The tornado ball is a medicine ball with a rope running through the middle, and ranges from 2-5 kgs. It is an innovative and versatile piece of modern training equipment, and can be used for functional resistance training or caveman-style anaerobic conditioning.

They are excellent for:

  • Rhythmical stabilization drills, such as figure of 8 swings
  • Explosive rebounding exercises against a wall, such as explosive reverse woodchops
  • Explosive floor core training, such as kneeling V Slams
  • Dynamic integrated training, such as standing lunge and slam

Functional Training Specialists, such as Paul Chek, have been strong proponents of this type of dynamic rotational training for some years, whilst more recently back specialist Dr. Stuart McGill has expressed the benefits of using the tornado ball for a training the anti-rotator function of the core. The core musculature is forced to stabilize against an aggressive rotary force and collisiona.

In my experience the Tornado Ball is great for anaerobic conditioning and improving core function, but also fantastic for providing clients with a fun and dynamic alternative to boring, a standard a core exercises. PTs that I have personally tutored have picked up dozens of new clients, just by using the Tornado Ball; people walk past whilst you are training someone with the Tornado Ball and it has a WOW factor to it. Clients want to do something new and challenging, and the Tornado Ball will work them hard, and put a smile on their face at the same time!


Brand Jordan
Usage Home Use, Commercial Use
Condition Brand New
Warranty 12 months warranty