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Exigo Selectorised Seated Calf Raise

Exigo Selectorised Seated Calf Raise

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Seated Calf Raise

It can be difficult to practice strengthening the calves due to stronger muscles taking over. This machine is an effective and efficient way of isolating the calf muscles.

Needed in all sports and in everyday life, the calves are important for powerful movement and correct posture. Conveniently placed side handles provide extra support and stability.

Whether you're a seasoned athlete or gym novice, this machine will enable you to achieve superior results. Suitable for any strength and conditioning facility, gym or home gym.


  • Main Frame: 100 x 50 x 3 ERW flat sided oval
  • Produced to BSEN 10305-3:2010
  • Polyester powder coated finish
  • 38mm rubber ribbed handles with caped anodised aluminium ends
  • Exercise placard with instructional diagrams and targeted muscle groups
  • 5kg incremental weights are indicated in kg / lbs
  • Magnetic weight pin selector
  • Lifetime warranty on main frame


1451 (mm) | 57 (inches)
1143 (mm) | 45 (inches)
1496 (mm) | 58 (inches)
249 (kg) | 467 (lbs) WEIGHT STACK 100 (kg) | 220 (lbs)"