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Escape Covered Battle Rope - 32mm x 10m

Escape Covered Battle Rope - 32mm x 10m

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Battle Rope training is one of the most underutilised exercises in fitness training. It’s a tough challenge that raises the heart rate, and develops core, forearm and grip strength.

Made in Britain, these high-quality ropes can withstand the toughest punishment. They have our unique flex treatment, so they move easily during use and provide a great upper body workout. The Covered Battle Rope provides extra durability, ideal for busy gyms and outdoor sessions.

Attaching the Battle Rope to your Octagon functional frame gives users an exercise that really raises the heart rate. It’s a good complement to the strength and power exercises that other Octagon frame features support; great for varied small group workouts.

The Battle Rope Product Training Workshop provides trainers with the knowledge they need to successfully introduce battling into their sessions. There is a vast range of exercises to be used with the Battle Rope, so this training is essential for instructors looking to excel.

Size: Approx 10m length.
32mm: Weight: Approx 5kg. 50mm: Weight approx 10kg.
Rope diameter subject to -15% shrinkage during use.